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Christiane Schull, CPC-ELI-MP – Toronto & Los Angeles Life & Energy Coaching

Elevate your energy * Empower your life
Have, do, be what you love
~ Christiane Schull

Sessions can be in-person, or by phone, Skype, messenger.


If you have found your way here it may be because you are looking to experience greater joy, see yourself in a new Light and have, do and be what you love.

Everything in life is energy. You are energy in creative motion. You create your life by your consciousness — what you think, speak, feel and do.

Empowering your life and having doing and being what you love is a journey of discovery, love and higher consciousness — loving yourself, honouring what you feel, discovering or reclaiming your dreams, letting go of what does not serve, and cultivating habits of thought, word, feeling and action that support and nourish you.

I am a Certified Life Coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and Certified Breathwork Practitioner & Rebirther. I have worked with clients since 1990 and utilized conscious breathing as a tool for renewal of mind, body and spirit. I have been facilitating groups and circles since 2000.

I offer individual sessions and packages and a dynamic experiential circle for men and women.
Sessions can be in person, or by phone, skype, messenger.
With prior arrangement, I also travel to clients at a distance.

“Stay Open. Life is Discovery. Expect to be Delighted!”
~ Christiane Schull

Holistic Services

Book a Discovery Session
I offer a free consultation to empower you and your life. This is your time and my pleasure to support you.

The longest journey is the one you think you have to take alone

Life Coaching
Clarify what you want, transform limiting or disempowering beliefs, elevate your energy and take action in alignment with who you are and what you love.

2 hr initial consult
30 min & 1 hr sessions
Discovery- 6-week introductory coaching package
includes the Energy Leadership Index
*Customized packages

An opportunity to lighten, let go, release, relax and refresh; Increase your clarity, aliveness, confidence, peace and well being; Let go of what no longer serves
Learn to follow your heart, honor what you feel
Elevate your consciousness, liberate your energy, empower your life!

75 min session; 2 or 3 hr; 10+ session packages
*Can be combined with the Energy Leadership Index & Debrief; & 1-2 day-long personalized retreats for individuals or groups of 4 max


Empower Mind & Heart: The Circle – is a dynamic experiential gathering to support men and women to cultivate greater self-love and self-worth, get out of their own way and say YES to their dreams and who they really are. The Circle includes group sharing, teachings on metaphysical and spiritual life principles, customized processes and practical tools and strategies geared to the group. Group work is powerful as it accelerates awareness and creates exponential shifts and change.

For more info about upcoming events and circles, please contact Christiane.

How have you been saying NO to yourself?

How could you be saying YES?

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About Christiane Schull

Toronto Life & Energy CoachingChristiane is an encourager, catalyst, mystic, communicator and writer; intuitive Certified Life Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner & Certified breath-work practitioner/ rebirther (since 1990).

Born in London, England, she was raised outside of Montreal, Quebec in a family of writers. After university, she pursued journalism, advertising and documentary television. She was guided to breath-work in 1989 and became a Certified practitioner in 1990.

In 1996, she followed her heart and spirit of adventure to Los Angeles, CA. In October, 2000 she was guided to create a dynamic prosperity circle to empower men and women (and herself) to get out of their own way, transform limiting beliefs, become co-creators with the universe and say yes to their dreams and who they are. She led the Circle every week for 10 years, at a nominal fee and no one was ever turned away for lack of funds. The Circle felt like a mission – a mission of heart.

Material from the circle became the foundation for What You Speak Is Seeking You, a collaborative creative venture between Christiane and photographer, Nicole Katano (2007). What You Speak is a book about becoming a conscious creator and cultivating greater love, appreciation and gratitude, the highest vibrations in the universe.

She has brought her work to different conferences, and ministries, including, Agape’s LGBT community in Culver City, the Ocean of Gratitude Cruise (2008), One God, One Thought Centre, in Baltimore, Maryland & Little Mary Foundation’s The Power of Pink Conference, in Torrance, CA (2009).

Additionally, she has been a ghostwriter for clients in the healing and martial arts – most notably, interviewing & writing for the legendary Rickson Gracie, world undefeated champion of Jiu Jitsu. She has also been a volunteer advocate and contributing writer for non-profits dealing with the awareness and prevention of child sexual abuse and suicide.

In 2010, she had the privilege of being invited to the 4th International Poetry Festival in Paris, France.

Christiane has had the blessing of many mentors, teachers and coaches through the years – deepening and enriching her life. She shares many tools with her clients – and considers herself a student & seeker.

She received a Life Coaching & Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner Certification (iPEC) in 2014.

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