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– Dr. Clark Elliott, Ph.D., M.F.T.

Santa Barbara BiofeedbackI began my career in 1972 at Camarillo State Hospital where I went on to complete a 24 month internship at the Norbert Rieger Children’s Treatment Center. From this I gained experience working with every conceivable type of childhood disorder and earned an M.S. in Special Education. At this point I took a position as a special education director in a small public school district where I had the opportunity to become very versed in the problems that plague children with special needs in that type of setting.

After four years of teaching I returned to graduate school at the Fielding Institute and earned my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and an M.F.T. license. As a private practitioner I have been strongly influenced by the theoretical school of C.G. Jung and the pragmatic application of therapeutic hypnosis as innovated by Milton Erickson, Erickson’s work being the subject of my doctoral dissertation.

I have, over the years, worked in family counseling agencies, a mental institution and out patient clinics. I have led therapy groups of Vietnam vets, supervised interns at a local counseling center, led Hypnosis training groups for therapists and provided educational consulting. In 1996 I began developing a specialty in neurofeedback and find to this day that it has greatly enhanced the therapeutic success of my practice.

Low Income Program: We provide neurofeedback for low income individuals on a sliding fee basis. Insurance is not accepted in this program. The initial intake session is provided by Dr. Elliott and the neurofeedback sessions themselves are administered by trained, certified technicians. We offer this under the premise that as wide a range of people as possible should be able to experience neurofeedback. Please contact our office for more information.

Dr. Elliott is an active member of EEG Spectrum International, a corporation promoting and conducting research in biofeedback, whose vision it is to promote the achievement of full human potential through brain-based self-regulation techniques, and to help evolve human consciousness through the exploration and development of advanced technologies for self-regulation, self-awareness and self-knowledge.

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Dr. Elliott is certified by The Biofeedback Certification Institute of America

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