Gary Jobe Ferguson – Santa Barbara/Carpinteria Healing Arts & Life Coach

922 Carpinteria St. Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Healer & Life Coach in Santa Barbara & Carpinteria

About Gary Jobe Ferguson

Healing Arts in Santa BarbaraGary Jobe Ferguson is an inspirational teacher, healer, and coach who has been assisting people in their physical healing and in the actualization of their creative potential since healing himself of cancer in 1993.

One of Gary’s special gifts is in helping people identify the root causes underneath their life challenges. He has created an innovative model of healing using a blend of ancient wisdom and 21st century science that focuses on people connecting to their creative authenticity and sharing their unique gifts as the foundation to their self-transformation and healing process.

Gary is certified in a variety of healing modalities and specializes in mind-body medicine, somatic psychology, and applied kinesiology. He is a dynamic public speaker, and teaches classes and workshops within the themes of health and wellness, performance enhancement, and self-transformation.

A Blend of Ancient Wisdom & 21st Century Science

What Makes Gary’s Work Unique?

Gary’s work provides a powerful framework for navigating the self-transformation and healing process. By combining kinesiology (muscle testing), coaching, energy medicine, and somatic practices, Gary provides practical tools and skills to help you transcend the limiting patterns that are holding you back from living a life with more passion, purpose, and meaning.

What if you could:

  • Recognize the subtle dynamics in your life that are inhibiting your ability to heal?
  • Understand the movements that bring healing to your body, soul, and spirit?
  • Read the road signs that are guiding you back into the river of life?
  • Get in touch with what is most alive in you?
  • Know when the best part of you says, “Yes!”?

By working with Gary, you will learn how to use your inner wisdom, creative imagination, and embodied awareness to create a life that promotes long-term health and wellness, and to understand why you are here, what you are being asked to learn, and what you are meant to share with the world.

Each Session with Gary . . .

  • Unlocks the creative expressions that are yearning to be a part of your life;
  • Reveals the root causes underneath your struggles and challenges, creating a true foundation for long-term health and wellness;
  • Clears the subconscious patterns and conditioning that deny your creative authenticity;
  • Awakens your inner resources, strengths, and talents;
  • Identifies the inner/outer steps and actions needed to transform your life; and
  • Reconnects you to your inner truth, allowing you to make decisions from a place of confidence, authenticity, and wholeness.


In-person and remote sessions available.
Ask about the discounts on one and three month session packages.

Sessions Include:

  • A client workbook
  • A written overview of each session
  • Unlimited email support
  • Free access to group coaching calls
  • The Navigating Your Mythic Path Mini-Course
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