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Beauty from the inside out

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At DNA Cosmetic Energy Healing™ I am focused on providing rejuvenation with a gentle yet powerful healing modality & these treatments will exceed your expectations!

Cosmetic Energy Healing is a spiritual healing art that manipulates the exterior of the body, while facilitating deep transformation. An internal shift occurs for a physical transformation to happen. For example, when you to smile and take a selfie, as soon as the photo is over your expression drops, yet, when you describe your beloved pet, your whole face glows! This protocol awakens you in the same way, from the inside out!

This method of healing is unique. I prepare with intention and prayer, then proceed with guidance. Next, I synchronize with the client’s energy body increasing healing energy improving flow and circulation, and then perform a detox, releasing stagnant and stuck energy. This technique allows the body to regain balance, and the harmony is reflected in the client’s countenance. Often, there are residual issues that resist healing, and using additional tools they too can be transformed.

One tool is DNA & CELLULAR HEALING: Our genes come from our parents and they determine the color of our eyes, and every aspect of our body. Because of age, the tips of the DNA erode and give incomplete information to the next generation of cells, plus radiation, toxins, and stress may all contribute to irregular cell division. With Cosmetic Energy Healing™ I can facilitate reprogramming the DNA by going back and slowly reversing the irregular changes to the code, or create a new code for healthy cells.

Another tool is ANCESTRAL HEALING: Science is still learning why some genes are dormant and what makes them express. Is it possible that beliefs, memories and traumas from our ancestors are affecting our genetic expression? I can address the current issue by cleansing the ancestral lineage, clearing the trauma and the energy that is being passed down from generation to generation.

An additional tool is PAST LIFE HEALING: All of our thoughts, memories and emotions from each life accumulate and make an energetic imprint on our soul. If we have not healed those experiences, the energy is carried over into future incarnations. By facilitating the energy of past lives to heal through soul communication, we can learn our lessons with love and create good health and balance.

With such a variety of tools to facilitate your transformation, I’m sure you’ll be happy to beautify and rejuvenate your appearance with me. Look around my website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me. I hope to see you soon!

I deeply appreciate the amazing potential of this work and how it helps vitalize people on a spiritual, emotional and physical level.

Why us?

Many people have sought out Cosmetic Energy Healing™ as they are looking for non-surgical options or prefer to pursue holistic treatments. Not only does Cosmetic Energy Healing™ provide a safe and natural alternative for those clients, it causes no unwanted side effects.

Wellness Services

Healing Energy Facials
The hour long session involves a healing facial, while the energy of the skin is manipulated to reverse the effects of aging. Benefits are seen in the neck, eyes, nose, and face. A photo is taken before and after, to demonstrate the results. This facial is recommended once a month. $100 each

Beautifying Hair
The hour long session targets hair – does it need to be thickened or thinned, straightened or curled, regrown or removed? What about reversing gray, or eliminating a cowlick? Maybe the eyelashes need lengthening or thickening? Usually 5-10 sessions are recommended. $100 each

Skin Brightening
The hour long session activates and balances energy in the cells to reduce spider veins, varicose veins, moles, scars, sun spots, and stretch marks. Usually 5 sessions are recommended (& the treated blemishes must be located close together to be addressed in the same appointment). $100 each

Energetic Plastic Surgery
The hour long session involves reshaping the area of your choice: facelift, nose contouring, neck lift, breast enlargement or reduction, tummy tuck, butt lift, cellulite reduction, energetic liposuction. Usually 5 to 10 sessions are recommended to maintain and enhance the results. $100 each

Chakra Healing or Chakra Balancing
The hour long session detoxifies and optimizes the intensity of the energy center by removing any static energy, improving the frequency of its vortex, harmonizing the reception and expression of energy, aligning the whole body and increasing awareness, restoring wellbeing. Usually 5-10 sessions are recommended. $100 each

Bodywork ~ Medical Intuitive
The hour-long session provides healing and promotes health. This is designed for post-surgery recovery, or treating an afflicted area in the body, or a specific disease. This process addresses the etiology, blockages, detoxing, rebalancing, as well as releasing stuck thoughts
and emotions.
Usually 10 sessions or more are recommended. $100 each

Distance Healing
Remote healing can be very effective in the comfort of your own home. One session often provides dramatic results, and multiple sessions deepen & anchor the transformed energy. Email your photo and birthdate, and explain your goals.
Packages available: 5 sessions $400, 10 sessions $750.

Other Services Include:

  • Softening a hair style, relaxing a cowlick
  • Restoring natural hair color, removing gray
  • Removing unwanted hair; thinning excess hair
  • Thickening hair, Improving hair health
  • Thickening & lengthening eyelashes
  • Healing energy facials
  • Energetic nose shaping
  • Invigorating facelifts
  • Revitalizing neck lifts
  • Reducing & removing wrinkles, scars, moles, acne, sun spots
  • Minimizing cellulite
  • Rejuvenating varicose veins
  • Shrinking stretch marks
  • Energetic breast lift
  • Energetic tummy tuck
  • Energetic butt lift
  • Energetic liposuction & weight loss
  • Chakra opening
  • Chakra balancing


My personal experience with Gina was very healing. I felt like I was in a meditative state. She has a pure energy that flows into the area where she’s manipulating, and those spots that she worked on ended up being toned and youthful, even a week afterward. She told me that one of the most important aspects of this energy healing is being open to integrating the changes in my life, and allowing old patterns to drop away. With a shift in my alignment, I’ll experience new opportunities. I like getting results now AND later.
– HC, Santa Ynez,

I would like to let others know about Gina and her DNA Cosmetic Energy Healing. A few years ago, when I turned 54 years old, I began to experience a lot more gray hair, wrinkles, and drooping eyes, I was so bothered that I avoided mirrors. I was becoming self-conscious and gradually less outgoing. I consulted with a plastic surgeon, but the work I needed was too expensive and scary. I went on this way for a while, and I didn’t know what to do anymore, other than live with it. I know friends who have worked with a healer; they encouraged me to give Gina a try. I was in heaven after the first treatment! I can see more of my regular colored hair, smoother skin and my eyes look and feel refreshed. I’m turning back the hands of time! I do continue to get facials and I would recommend this to anyone who is suffering, or who just wants to look refreshed! Try it. You have nothing to lose.
– D.T., Santa Ynez

About Gina

Santa Ynez Energy HealingGina grew up with a deep sensitivity and empathy for others. Many of her intuitive and psychic gifts were inherited from her mother. As life progressed, she valued the role of chemistry and math in discovering solutions to life’s problems. Working as a pharmacist, she consulted with patients, improving their understanding of medications and health, but recognized limitations with pharmaceutical care and found that few patients were actually healed.

With all her knowledge of science and physiology, she was left with helping people manage their diseases. This inspired her to explore other modalities, studying with Lily Chandra at the International Association of Cosmetic Healing Arts, and ultimately following this path of Cosmetic Energy Healing™. Gina’s specialized knowledge of current medical therapy continues to benefit her clients, while this ancient spiritual healing art provides a safe, non-invasive treatment free of side effects.

Cosmetic Energy Healing™ can consciously change the body, including DNA and cellular metabolism, back to a naturally healthy and balanced state. This protocol pinpoints specific traumas and emotional residue from this life and past lives that create blocks in energy. By using this method to clear and direct energy, the body transforms internally and externally.

It is very exciting sharing Cosmetic Energy Healing™, offering an effective technique to facilitate clients’ beauty and health while harmonizing their emotional and spiritual renewal. Clients feel radiant and see immediate results. An amazing bonus is that shifting their appearance enhances new opportunities and self-confidence.

“Beauty from the inside out” occurs when the healing effects within the cells and lingering energetic blocks are transformed, rejuvenating the whole body and spirit!

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