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Julie Freeman – Santa Barbara & Ojai Integrative Nutritionist

Santa Barbara & Ojai Nutritionist - Julie FreemanJulieFreeman.Net is a total wellness center where you will not be judged about your food habits, your health conditions, your emotional and spiritual challenges, or where you are in your readiness for change.

Healing is more than merely a biochemical process. It is about connection, relationship, being heard and feeling understood!

Transformation is a process that takes time and requires patience and empathy, not only from the professionals you seek out for assistance, but from yourself as well.

Exploring your current state of well-being is invited — whether you have allergies, skincare concerns, weight issues, body-mind-spirit imbalances, a general lack of vitality or body-image issues.

Sound and Movement are often instrumental in breaking the blocks to wellness. Julie brings song into the healing work that she does and uses yoga in sessions where appropriate.

“I believe that we are all in process, all on a continuum — we are always evolving, learning and progressing. And occasionally that process needs support.”
– Julie

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Julie’s Cookbooks

Julie Freeman is a licensed dietitian with a bachelor’s degree in Foods and Nutrition from Framingham State University in Framingham, Massachusetts and a master’s degree in Counseling and Human Development from St. Mary’s University in Minnesota. She is certified in behavioral medicine, food sensitivity testing, yoga and Reiki and has extensive experience in the area of disordered eating. She has been certified in personal training and has completed modeling and finishing school instructor training.. Julie has completed a post-graduate training program in functional and integrative medicine, and and employs genetic interpretation in her work when indicated.

Julie has an avid interest in the Total Body Care approach. She has studied skincare, makeup, wardrobing and colors. Assisting one in feeling good and looking good can be a fun process! She is passionate about clean chemicals in the skincare products she uses and recommends, and educates her clients about the fact that our skin is the largest organ of the body, accepting and rejecting toxins that we are exposed to.

Julie has held faculty positions at Salem State College and in nursing programs. She continues to teach pre-school through college as a guest instructor. Julie has developed and implemented programs for companies, hospitals and fitness centers in the areas of nutrition and health promotion.

She created the Total Body Care approach for teens and women desiring the “finished look” – utilizing concepts from her modeling and finishing school training. She has been featured on national and local television stations and radio networks and has contributed many articles to various publications. Her latest publications are two cookbooks, Feel Great Look Great – Balanced Eating for a Balanced Life and Feel Great Look Great – Sweets n’ Treats.

Consulting & Training – for Healthcare Professionals

Julie offers supplemental training and consultation to groups or individuals practicing medicine, nursing, or any of the allied health professions. Please Contact Julie for more information about any of the following areas:

Functional Medicine
Approach client assessment by looking at the “root cause” for illness or lack of wellness. Learn to use and interpret non-traditional diagnostic testing such as food sensitivity, blood, stool, urine and saliva.

Supplement Assessment
Choose and suggest supplements in their most bio-available forms, cross-referencing with medications that clients may be taking for safety and efficacy.

Lab Value Interpretation
Look at laboratory values from the perspective of the “ideal” rather than just the norm. Use this approach to make suggestions/recommendations to clients, creating vitality and wellness rather than merely lack of disease.

Wellness Coaching for Allied Health Professionals
Learn how to assist clients with basic health and wellness practices, including nutrition basics, grocery and menu planning, and basic weight management strategies. In addition, mind-body energy work, yoga and breath work training is available.

Clean Skincare, Makeup and Household Cleaning
Become aware of the toxins in everyday products – from skincare and makeup ingredients to learning tips for simple cleaners used in household care.

Julie’s Personal Story

Santa Barbara Nutritionist - Julie FreemanJulie’s personal story includes a childhood struggle with body weight. By the age of eight she was called “Fat Fern”, and by nine, she was on her first of many diets. Her journey included roller coaster dieting and a sugar addiction for many years which led her to explore the fields of nutrition and psychology. It was through her own experience that she gained the empathy and intuitive wisdom to assist others in the healing of their weight and body image concerns.

In 2012, Julie was faced the diagnosis of a rare leukemia and in 2013, chronic Lyme disease. During this journey, she chose the pursuit of alternative treatments (See Article: From Fear to Freedom), including shamanic exploration, intensive detoxification, organic nutrition and energy medicine. Instead of facing illness with fear and anger, her pursuit has been one of inquisition, with a desire to bring forth healing not only for herself but also for those whose lives she touches. Given the nature of chronic conditions, she continues to this day, to employ a combination of conventional and non-traditional approaches to wellness.

What Julie’s Colleagues & Clients Say

Julie Freeman is the best nutritionist I’ve worked with in my 25 years of medical practice. She is uniquely Freeman able to both provide excellent nutritional counsel for a wide variety of medical problems and to formulate customized treatment plans for each individual, taking into account that person’s particular needs and capabilities. Thereafter, Julie remains accessible to her patients for guidance, coaching and thoughtful recommendations. I can trust that my patients will receive quality care — medically and personally.
– Alex Bingham, MD

My meetings with Julie were a wonderful nutritional experience. After seeing Julie, I was able to gather the courage to look at issues of why I overeat and along with good nutritional counseling was able to lose weight and to maintain a significant weight loss. Julie guided me with nutritional advice coupled w/her good listening skills I was able to discover what truly was “eating at me” As a result of my consultations with Julie, I am able to face daily challenges by eating healthy. Wonderful life changing experience.
– Kathy Doyle

Working with Julie has meant being in a supportive relationship with a professional who has a wealth of nutrition information to share while personalizing strategies and food choices that appeal to them. By participating in her Detox program, I have finally gotten control over food addictions, resulting in weight loss and my blood pressure, glucose,and cholesterol results are now in the normal range. Over the years I have tried other groups and methods to change my eating;by working with Julie I am at last happily eating healthy!
– Grace Berestecki

My mom, Julie Freeman, has been an amazing cook since I can remember. When I was child, she would encourage me to try lots of different kinds of healthy meat (including steak and pork) by proclaiming it “chicken.” Her creativity in the kitchen was displayed not only in the vibrant flavors, but her colorful displays as well. My sister, Ashley, and I have been lucky enough to be her guinea pigs since day one – trying recipe after recipe for her recently published cookbooks. All throughout high school and early college, my friends would gather around my packed lunches and snacks, hoping to try the tasty treats I would always have on hand — raw, organic nuts, gluten-free, high-fiber oats, and dark chocolate concoctions soon became a favorite at track practice . My mom has a unique and special gift for pairing healthy foods, beautiful arrangements, and love all into one recipe. Her careful attention to the mind-body connection we as humans have to food is clear in each and every recipe in her cookbooks. I am a first-hand believer in her work, and a number one fan of her published work and blog recipes. Keep them coming, Mom!
– Lindsay Womack

Julie’s passion and commitment to helping others is extended in her love of cooking. Her first book, FEEL GREAT LOOK GREAT Balanced Eating for a Balanced Life is fantastic! Preparing healthy and scrumptious foods has never been easier. With her simple to follow recipes including instructions for food allergies, I have learned how to create delicious meals that my whole family enjoys. This is greatly appreciated for my daughter who has celiac disease. Thank you Julie! Can’t wait for book #2!
– Donna Farmer

Julie helped me back in 2007 when I was diagnosed with multiple food allergies. She helped me rebuild a nutritious diet, and guided me as I slowly added some allergic foods back in to it. A few years later she helped me again when I was faced with a serious digestive issue. She knew the answer to most of my questions, and researched the ones that she didn’t know. She’s dedicated to her patients, and highly knowledgeable. She’s always pleasant and willing to help. She provided me with enough knowledge so I can take care of myself. I’m glad I feel better, but I do miss seeing her.
– Beth Carver-Kannel

I work as a psychotherapist, specializing in eating disorders, and I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Julie on treatment plans for various clients. When people enter therapy, there is a deep pain running within that they can’t quiet. Julie has a real gift in navigating through complex patterns of pain, within individuals and families. Julie can see beyond the pain and help people find their strengths, and ultimately their ability to be happy. She knows how to pace change and progress. She has the wonderful combination of talent, hard work and humility. Simply put, she inspires people to change their lives.
– Hannah Saxe, LiCSW

I met Julie last year when she was a resource for our health classes. I then got to sit down with her and share ideas as colleagues within our profession. She is someone that has a wealth of knowledge, and at the same time has a keen listening ear. She has the ability to make people feel comfortable with very uncomfortable subject matter. It is a pleasure to be in her company.
– Kathy Brophy, Health Educator, Wellesley High School

Classes, Workshops and Presentations

Classes and presentations offer opportunities for learning and sharing in a small group setting or a large corporate environment. I have many topics with predesigned curricula, but these can be tailored to meet specific group needs. I am also available to create programs. What is most important is to experience learning in a non-judgmental, empathic environment.

The most popular classes include:

  • detox
  • what’s your stress IQ?
  • cooking classes
  • grocery store tours
  • employee assistance
  • the color wheel
  • total body care (for teens or adults)


Other Topics:

  • food allergy and sensitivity
  • non-medication approaches to medical conditions
  • mind-body-spirit approach to wellness
  • planning for success
  • feeding families with love
  • fitness and athletics
  • yoga, mindfulness
  • and more. . .

Media Presentations
From cooking demos on television to radio segments on timely topics, a wide variety of media-based options is available.

Cantoring & Yoga Song
Are you seeking a cantor for your wedding, funeral or yoga class? Julie combines song and spirituality in a variety of settings. Soon to be recorded.

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