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Greetings from Mady ~

I am dedicated to assisting you in a path of greater health and well-being. I designed our wellness center to offer a peaceful environment, safe and welcoming – treating cause, not merely symptoms.

My fervent belief in the assessment process compelled me to create a coherent path from assessment to therapy that encourages good health. A thorough evaluation is the basis for uncovering the true cause(s) of dis-ease.

My process will be: assessment, therapy, supplementation, lifestyle implementation, and finally reassessment to determine your success and a new state of health. If handling life’s situations from a calm and centered perspective appeals to you; please call for an appointment.

To your health,
Mady Widyasurya

About Mady

Santa Barbara Energetic HealingMady Widyasurya is a licensed Massage Therapist and is also certified in different modalities such as the Quantum Biofeedback, the ancient Japanese healing arts of Jin Shin Jyutsu and Ericksonian Hypnosis. She is also a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and holds 2 Masters Degrees, one in Spiritual Psychology and one in Spiritual Sciences. Mady has recently completed a Doctorate program in Spiritual Sciences and is currently doing research and working on her treatise, as well as attending a Post-doctoral ministerial studies. She is also a fully accredited Scenar Therapist in association with the Russian School of SCENAR.

Mady is an ordained minister of Light through the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, a non-denominational church. Through her commitment and experiences to Spiritual Development, she is able to combine consciousness counseling with her energetic healing therapies.

Having lived in Asia, Europe and Australia, Mady brings a refreshing blend of diverse approaches to her hands-on healing art. She combines her talents and intuition with the precision of a bio-energetic instruments.

She has appeared in several health related TV interviews in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara and is dedicated to bring greater healing and higher awareness to our ability to tap our inner power as a spiritual being through hands-on bodywork, energetic healing and education.

Wellness Services

Quantum Balance SCIO-Life System (Quantum Biofeedback)

EPFX-SCIO is a state-of-the-art evoked potential bio-feedback system for stress detection and stress reduction. During testing, the device resonates with thousands of tissues, organs, nutrients, toxins and allergens for one hundredth of a second each, and records the degree to which your body reacts. The QXCI scans the patient’s body looking for everything from viruses, deficiencies, weaknesses, allergies, abnormalities and food sensitivities. It reports on the biological reactivity and resonance in your body and indicates needs, dysfunctions and vulnerabilities. The information provided is fundamentally different from X-rays, blood tests, etc, as it tells us about the energetic state of your body and the direction in which the body is focusing its energy.

NeuroBalance Scenar therapy

A biofeedback machine, SCENAR was initially developed in Russia for the astronauts to be use in outer space as a self controlled and self regulating device, which is based on the feedback the body provides moment by moment during the session. In order to maintain health, the body relies on accurate communication. However, when the body is stressed or diseased the “communication” is impaired. The SCENAR device “restores” communication by merging its signals into the activities of the nervous system to stimulate and assist in the body’s self healing without medication.

SCENAR works through the skin on the meridians and stimulates the central nervous system. The biofeedback signals change the information that the brain sends out, thus activating the body’s self healing potential. It is equipped with different settings and modes to adjust to any situation. It is a safe and “organic” process, non-invasive and non-addictive.

Body Balance Healing Blanket

The Healing blanket works around the principle of acupuncture meridians. It both regulates and unblocks the flow of energy around the body, energy which may fluctuate when exposed to high electrical radiation emitted by such devices as computer monitors and cell phones. It therefore protects the body from external electromagnetic and electrostatic fields. The blanket itself is made up of a series of membranes that allow the body to retain its natural bio-energetic state reducing the dissipation of energy into the environment.

The Healing blanket uses infra-red radiation. The infra-red or IR causes the circulation system to emit energy through increased blood flow. This heat has numerous beneficial effects on the body. First it increases the metabolic rate, thereby speeding up carbon dioxide exchange with oxygen in the hemoglobin. All these activities help the body to function more efficiently and therefore increase its potential for tissue repair. More importantly the IR increases the vital activities of the cell natural pain management systems through the release of neuropeptides, altering pain receptors and more efficient removal of pain causing cell metabolites. Various positive side-effects may also occur such as a local and whole bodied boost to the body’s immune system and reduction of inflamed tissue.

Energetic Balance Q2 Spa

Here the importance of water is taken to a new level of healing magic. The Q2 machine energizes the body by converting electro magnetic energy into bio available life force.

For this energetic treatment— your feet are placed in a copper tub of water with the Q2 machine. The water interacts with the electric current from the Q2 machine to produce a bio field, a process that triggers a major cleansing response through the skin and also provides greater energy reserve that is often utilized for self healing, restoring balance and promoting natural detoxification of the body. Many have reported a greater sense of wellbeing, increased energy and feeling more balanced overall. To receive the maximum benefit from this treatment it is suggested to have it no more than once every 2 days.

Lymph Balance

Lymphatic drainage is a gentle, soothing, yet powerful surface massage that is designed to assist the lymphatic system to dissolve protein accumulation and consequently help remove toxic waste out of the body. The lymphatic system cleanses waste from the cells and returns plasma proteins and interstitial water to the blood stream. Therefore it is crucial to ensure healthy lymphatic flow to support your immune system: respiratory system and gastro-intestinal system.

This is an advanced therapy that gently cleanses and purifies the lymphatic channels in the body. Purges excess fluids and boosts the immune system. Excellent detoxification benefits. Recommended as a series. Call for pricing.


Ear coning has been used by ancient cultures for thousands of years, and is now undergoing a revival in our modern culture. Points in the ears, hands and feet have been found to stimulate different organs in the body when massaged. The ear contains thousands of nerve endings and acupressure points which transmit to other areas of the physical and subtle bodies. These nerve endings are interconnected by subtle streams of energy, which can become obstructed by accumulation of debris in the ear canal.

Ear coning is an ancient method of cleansing the ears from the debris, wax, Candida and parasites that can become lodged in the ear. This process utilizes ear cones, which are hollow candles carefully hand made from strips of cotton mesh, bees wax, and a special formula of herbs and flower essences. Ear coning uses herbal candles and heat to operate osmotically to help reduce pressure in the ears in a natural way. It is advisable that ear coning be done by a trained professional to ensure that it’s done properly and safely.

FIR Sauna & Detox Programs

ElectroBalance Micro Current Therapy

Micro-current therapy was originally the domain of elite professional athletes and is now available to all and offers a wide range of therapeutic applications. The research conducted shows that the Micro-current’s barely perceptible electrical impulses match the body natural electrical conduction and has the ability to penetrate cell walls to stimulate cellularhealing. It has been proven that areas of dysfunction, pain and pathology all carry devitalized amounts of electrical activity i.e. waste products. Rejuvenation of the tissue can be accelerated by restoring the natural electrical abilities to the tissues and cell membranes.

The gentle soft stimulation of the electrotherapy will increase ATP (adenosine triphosphate – cellular energy fuel) production of the cells, promote cellular oxygenation and absorption of nutrients, eliminate waste products from the cells. Electrotherapy thus can restore homeostasis in a relative short time as changes will be felt after first treatment. Healthy cell metabolism creates a healthy pain-free environment. Applications include: Reflexology treatment, body detoxification, facial rejuvenation, hydrating collagen, removing age spots, wrinkles and lines, auricular therapy, decrease muscular spasm, increase range of motion, neuromuscular reeducation, prevent or retard muscle tissue atrophy.

Benefits include:

Increased collagen production
Facial rejuvenation without surgery
Eases inflammation
Reduces pain at the injury area
Improves neuromuscular response
Speeds up healing and regeneration by 50% or more
Promotes higher ATP generation in the cell
Eliminate cellular waste products

Face Lift

A safe, stimulating and yet relaxing procedure the non-surgical facelift is designed to smooth out wrinkles on the face and reduce signs of aging. This therapy is used on the facial dermis. A very popular beauty secret among celebrities, this treatment is gaining more acceptance among women who are looking for an alternative to cosmetic surgery.

Biofeedback, EPFX, Raindrop Therapy in Santa Barbara

Mady Widyasurya

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