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Susan Draffan – Shining Spirits
Ojai Vibrational Essence Therapy & Space Clearing

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.”
– William Blake

Susan Draffan offers co-creative services to people, animals and places.

Her modalities are vibrational essence therapy, interspecies communication, and energy-clearing practices.

Vibrational Essence Therapy

Vibrational essences are at the cutting-edge of mind-body science, bridging ancient healing wisdom and the future of holistic medicine.

Vibrational essences are alchemical, holographic infusions from the heart of Nature which act profoundly yet gently on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. They support us in transmuting adverse states and patterns– negative feelings and thoughts, outdated beliefs and patterns, lack of awareness or balance in various areas of our lives – into wholeness, enlightenment and grace.

Having expanded beyond the traditional Bach Flower Remedies, today vibrational essences are being made with plants and trees on every continent as well as with crystals, gemstones, minerals, sea life, unique environments, stars, planets, and esoteric ceremony such as power animal totems. All are true healing gifts of wisdom from Nature and Spirit.

Susan draws on a vast array of essences from all over the world to design custom essence blends for people and animals, aligning the essence selections with each client’s personal energetic qualities and unique needs. She also offers an affordable line of multi-modality essence formulas for common issues.

Specific areas vibrational essences can address include:

  • stress, change, trauma and abuse
  • unwanted emotions and habits
  • self-esteem, self-worth, self-sabotage
  • decisions, goals, clarity, motivation, commitment
  • creativity, flexibility, openness, intuition
  • attention, focus, concentration, learning, memory
  • socialization, relationships, boundaries, codependence
  • communication, performance, confidence
  • over-sensitivity, immune, environmental issues
  • illness, surgery, toxicity, cleansing, hospice, transition
  • care-giving, compassion, compassion fatigue
  • self-identity, life purpose, spiritual growth

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Animal Wellness

Animal companions grace our lives with unconditional love, loyalty, generosity, wisdom and compassion, and they seek to learn from us in return. Connecting more deeply with one another enhances our life journeys, strengthens our sacred bonds, and illuminates the interspecies bridge for us all.

Interspecies communication accesses an animal’s energy field, consciousness, and higher knowledge through the web of All That Is. It sheds light on imbalances both known and unknown and helps to clarify personal and interpersonal difficulties. For the animals, “being heard” clears up misunderstandings and greatly eases emotional burdens. For their people, it provides insights into the animal’s inner nature and the dynamics contributing to troublesome circumstances.
In her interspecies work, Susan seeks to facilitate greater mutual understanding between human guardian and animal companion, and to provide them a vision of their reasons for being together.

Vibrational essences rapidly and greatly support resolution of emotional, behavioral and training difficulties in animals. Susan offers custom blends for her animal clients and those of other interspecies telepaths, to help hasten and stabilize any desired shifts subsequent to communication sessions. She also offers a line of preformulated blends for animals.

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Space and Energy Clearing

Purity of space allows life to flow harmoniously and joyfully for all living beings and nature.

Space clearing releases negative energies from interior and exterior spaces and instills fresh, positive, harmonious vibrations. When the spaces we inhabit are characterized by clear energies, we function more effectively, feel better, rest more soundly, and can more readily become the change we wish to see in the world. When we offer space-clearing to uninhabited spaces we liberate them from undue influences and help to heal the Earth.

Using sacred intention, essences, sound, elemental and higher guidance, Susan co-creatively addresses energetic environmental imbalances and restores harmony to places. She provides energy-clearing services both locally and remotely, and offers personalized essence sprays to help clients maintain the purity of their spaces and anchor their intentions into their homes and offices.


“I cannot tell you how much your counseling and essences have helped me to heal and to grow. Many of the things you’ve said to me will always be with me, to help guide me through life’s difficult challenges.”

“I’m so very glad I found you. The help you’ve given me is irreplaceable and priceless.”

“Your telepathic sessions with my cats have exceeded my wildest expectations!”

“S. is no longer afraid of alarm noises or being left alone in the house or the car. Overall she’s a much calmer dog since using the essence formulas you made for her.”

“I am always so impressed how things change after our work with you. Both our cats are now healthy, balanced and adjusted. You have truly done an amazing job and we thank you so very, very much.”

“Thank you for all your support during A’s transition process. I know he felt the presence of your love and that it comforted him greatly during his last weeks. Your insights and guidance were invaluable to me during his passing, and I know they will continue to inspire me.”

“Our house and yard feel quite different since you did the space clearing for us. I didn’t realize how many stagnant and dark energies were here until you cleared them out. I feel much calmer and more peaceful when I’m home now.”

“I wasn’t sure I was feeling a difference on our property after you did the energy clearing, but when our cat immediately and confidently strode to the very back of our yard, I knew something had shifted. He’s never been comfortable going out there before, especially on his own.”

About Susan

Ojai Aromatherapy & Essence TherapySusan’s academic and professional background includes a master’s degree and many years as a clinician and counselor in medical settings. Her healing arts training includes courses and mentoring from respected pioneers in vibrational essences, interspecies communication, space-clearing practices and Reiki. Her lifelong attunement to the animal and nature kingdoms comes joyfully full circle in the services she offers.

Susan’s mission is to honor the shining spirit in all beings by celebrating the human-animal-nature bond in her life and in her work. With deepest gratitude she acknowledges the many gifts she has received in her life from her own animal family and from the elementals. They became her earliest teachers, they continue to be her wisest and gentlest exemplars, and they remain her highest sources of inspiration.

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